Welcome to Keto Logger

For less than the price of one ketone test strip Ketologger lets you keep track of your ketone readings.

Easy Reading Entry

You can very easily enter the ketone and glucose readings. Spin the selector to the reading you want. Pick the date and time of your reading. Scroll down to add a note.

You can enter a large number of readings very easily

Ketologger Ketone Entry Screen Cap

You can enter readings in mmol/L or mg/dL for the glucose entry.

Ketologger Glucose Entry Screen Cap

Table View

The table view lets you look at glucose or ketone readings seperately or paired up as shown here. If matched up readings can be found they are shown together and the G:K ratio is calculated.

Ketologger Table Showing Glucose and Ketones with G:K ratio for paired readings.

Graph View

Ketologger lets you visualize your glucose and ketone readings with a line graph. For both the tables and graph view the date navigation bar lets you easily find the time range of the readings you would like to see.

KetoLogger graph pages. Display ketone and glucose readings as a line charts.