Keto Logger for iOS Privacy Policy

The Uncomplicated Solutions Inc, Privacy Policy for the Keto Logger iOS app was updated on Aug 09, 2019. Keto Logger Version: 1.1.0

Keto Logger for iOS allows its users to log their Glucose and Ketone readings and associated data (notes etc). The readings are stored in the document directory of the application on the Apple device on which Keto Logger runs (eg. iPhone, iPad). As with all other iOS apps the data may be backed up automatically to iCloud if that service is used for device backup.

Ketologger has a “Backup Manager” feature that maintains several versions of the reading data on the device. The backups are stored in the document directory and are backed up as described above.

Currently the user has the option to export reading data via a CSV file or the database snapshot file (.kl) for their own use.

The the data is not transferred to any external service.

Ketologger allows the user to import readings in CSV or the database snapshot file (.kl). The imported readings are stored in the same way that manually entered readings are.

When importing a file, if there is an error, the user is given the option to upload the file for examination to either correct the import error or as a sample to potentially support a new format. The user can also add optional text such as the source of the file. The file is uploaded securely to the best of our abilities. No user identifiable data is stored with the sample file. However the content of the optional text is entirely up to the user. It is stored along side of the sample file.

Keto Logger sends non user identifiable information to an analytics service to help improve the application. (Data logged are thing such as which screens are viewed, user chose mmol/L, user disabled date auto update, it took x milliseconds to display the graph, etc.) Health readings and personal data are not logged to this service.