Short Version

- File header exactly: "Type, Value, Unit, Date"

- Use "Ketone" and "Glucose" type names. Capital K and G.

- Use: "mmol/L" and "mg/dL". Capital L is important.

- File must have a .csv extension.

CSV import is tricky

CSV import is tricky and a certain amount of rigidity with the format is required to help ensure that data is correctly imported and that "junk" data is not.

Version 1.1.0 of Ketologger supports these two formats:

Type, Value, Unit, Date
Ketone, 0.4, mmol/L, 2018-01-16, 2:03 AM
Glucose, 97, mg/dL, 2018-01-18, 3:39 AM


Type, Value, Unit, Date
Glucose, 101, mg/dL, 1/16/18, 11:31 PM
Ketone, 0.0, mmol/L, 1/16/18, 11:34 PM

Ketologger version 1.1.1 adds support for 24 hour time:

Type, Value, Unit, Date
Ketone, 0.4, mmol/L, 2018-01-16, 14:03
Glucose, 97, mg/dL, 2018-01-18, 15:39


Type, Value, Unit, Date
Glucose, 101, mg/dL, 1/16/18, 23:31
Ketone, 0.0, mmol/L, 1/16/18, 23:34

Uploading a Sample

The data file import facility of Ketologger has an anonymous and secure upload option if your file has failed to import.

This is helpful as it allows for the files to be examined to see why they did not import correctly.

The problems can come from two places. Errors in the software but also file format errors.

It's a matter of meeting somewhere in the middle where, the software is flexible enough, and where the format is rigid enough, to make sure that the correct data is imported.

Some errors and how to fix them

Header Format

In version 1.1.0 of Ketologger the header line of the CSV file must be exactly:

Type, Value, Unit, Date

Partly the intent with being very picky about this was to make sure that the file was created correctly. In the next version of Ketologger, though, it will be less picky.

An error here will get the whole file to be rejected.

Just cut and paste the header line for your CSV file exactly as above for now.

Correct Names and Units

It goes without saying that "Ketone" and "Glucose" must be spelled correctly.

"Keytone", for example, with an extra "y", is not correct. It's a simple typo that a human can gloss over but for software you might as well have put "Avocado" or "Elephant".

Also the capital G and K matter.

The units must be exactly "mmol/L" and "mg/dL". Note the capital L's.


Dates that look like this "1/16/18" are month/day/year


The csv file must have a .csv extension. For example "myreadings.csv"

I didn't think it was possible to send a non csv file to Ketologger (in theory it accepts .csv and .kl files) but it seems that it is. Without the extension Ketologger won't know to treat it as a CSV file and the file will be rejected.

Software less picky next time? Maybe.

I'm a little torn about making the software less picky with the format of the CSV file.

There are just a few rules:

- Header exactly "Type, Value, Unit, Date".

- Reading types are Glucose and Ketone.

- Units are "mmol/L" and "mg/dL".

- File must have a .csv extension. Eg. "myreadings.csv"

Though most likely in the next version, the case of the letters in reading types, units and headers, and the spaces in the header, will be ignored.

Anonymous samples and getting in touch

In the interest of truly making the sample upload feature anonymous Ketologger doesn't request an email. As such there is no way to get back to you.

However if you're having problems importing (or have any other issues or feedback) then please send an email to and we'll figure out what is going on.